“Painting Autumn”

“Painting Autumn” 16″ x 20″ – Oil on canvas – $1100

This landscape painting was inspired by a photo from a friend of mine who recently took a trip to North Carolina. When she shared some of her photos I was blown away by the intense colors and magical quality of nature. How is it that trees can change in such magnificent ways right before our eyes? I’m not speaking to the science of it but given that process the spectrum of color is unbelievable.

As a painter I repeatedly experience an awareness around the difference between experiencing a color as I view a tree or flower and the process of aiming to capture that exact hue with the paint. I don’t believe it’s possible. One can come close, however there’s just something about the colors in nature that need to be savored in the moment.

It’s easy to slip into the feeling of the colors and take a little journey to some place unknown. I think we all have those dream filled locations. It was with excitement when I received a yes to work from my friends image and paint this piece. I got to travel some place new and pass that experience on in a creative collaboration of the spirit.

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