“At Home in the Studio”


I observe, and participate in, the change of hues.  I stand alone in a perspective–influenced by the roads and detours that I’ve chosen. The subjects I interpret on canvas dance with tradition, but underneath exists an individual search for freedom and simplicity.

As a creator, I’ve always been interested in working with color.  I see my life as having a palette of it’s own and I seek to have the chroma of my experience come through in my paintings.  Over time, I’ve realized the only way to achieve this goal is to risk exposure–to unveil my perceptions.  Whether the approach unfolds within the context of a landscape or still life, the resulting narrative is always a story of merit, regardless of public perception or understanding. 


I relate to the idea that my life is like a work of art or a painting. In many ways it is a journey of discovery and an ongoing lesson in perspective and relationships that is full of color, texture and value.  There are ups and downs as well as turns and twists which is similar to how I might move my paintbrush.  As I step back, I am reminded that it always is an engaging adventure that challenges my imagination and frequently opens my heart to possibilities and believing in dreams.

As I consider the “why” behind my desire to paint I can’t seem to settle on an intellectualized version.  It seems like so much work, perhaps even something I must figure out in order to justify just doing it. I’m not sure that’s true and I suspect thinking can get in the way of a wealth of creativity. So, I am left with … I just need to do it!  Is that a calling?  Perhaps.

What I do know, is that my desire to paint began at a very young age.  To be an artist /painter was a dream of mine. Drawing and painting from early on were the spaces in which time would disappear.  Hours felt like seconds as I immersed myself in the magical and transforming act of creating.

My path since then has encompassed many roads and detours with the joys, losses and the challenges life bring to all of us at different times.  A composite of experience has evolved that’s markedly different than what I envisioned at the start, and yet a work of art of its own accord with immeasurable worth.

Rediscovering my inspiration and hope has come through the low’s where everything seems to be crumbling. Those moments were my unseen guides leading me forward and directing my path.  I now understand that the still, small voice deep inside didn’t leave me then, although it was covered up by the fear, I had let become my compass.

Dreams have power. I believe mine remained for a reason and purpose.  Not to teach me how to paint, but to guide and show me how to listen and walk with faith and trust through painting. One caveat always hung in the distance.  I had to be ready and willing to listen.

Part of my purpose is to honor my dream and develop the gifts I have been given to the best of my ability so that they can be shared.  That is my responsibility.  For me, each painting matters as a significant point of departure and arrival from which I learn and grow.  How you experience my work is part of your journey.  Perhaps we connect somewhere in there.  I place my hope in that and walk with gratitude for today.


  1. Oh what a gorgeous shining soul you are! I am grateful you begun to follow along with my journey, but much more thankful that I have now found you! Your paintings speak all these words for you – love is truly the compass you follow now and that inner voice is so full of wisdom, creativity, and stunning beauty. I am in awe ❤ bunches of love to you, I am so eager to follow along and see more you create ❤ namaste, Luna XO

  2. Catherine, I am delighted to discover your work. It really resonates with me. It has wonderful power in its simplicity and your sense of color is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your work. I look forward to seeing more.
    Roy Vollmer
    15 November 2020

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