“Village Park”

“Village Park” 14″ x 18″ Oil on canvas – $850

Imagine strolling along on a late fall afternoon. The sunlight gently shifting creating beautiful painted shadows on the grass in all kinds of amazing shades of blue, violet and lavender. As this starts to take hold in your mind and body, the trees come alive with their changing leaves. No longer green, but now infused in a variation of amazing reds, oranges, pinks and golds that just blow the mind eye – yet there they are! The miracle of nature is before you and nothing is asked in the moment, except perhaps to pause and receive the gift.

If I had to articulate the inspiration for this painting or any painting it really involves the spirit of wonder and imagining. Pausing for a moment or longer is often required before I can “see” the potential within my surroundings. Granted sometimes it’s easier to “know” these experiences because they are more obvious – like this one. It’s the colors that reach my heart in a way I don’t fully understand but they are a source of connection and something that comes through in the paint so others might share in that experience or be brought to a special place of their own.

This oil painting was created from a plein-air sketch I did on a recent afternoon at a local park before all the leaves were gone. Having painted this gazebo and vista some years ago (see below) I felt called to re-visit it with the hope of catching something new. The new one was painted on a gallery wrapped canvas and is a signed original. If you have any questions on the painting please reach out – I’m happy to tell you more.

“The Village Park” 11″x 14″ SOLD


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