“Sun Kissed Meadow”

“Sun Kissed Meadow” 8″x 10″ Oil on canvas – $300

Wandering through the fields is always amazing. It’s a miracle how each experience is uniquely its own. It doesn’t matter if I’m traveling the same general path, the foliage, the ground, the scents and atmosphere solely belong to that moment.

This holds true for me within the context of painting. There’s a marvelous sense of adventure amidst the tools I commonly use. The colors and brushes may be the same yet somehow within the ethers of creativity magic can unfold.

This painting captures a place I have passed many times and seen in a variety of states. Today the light cast a dramatic shadow and filled the field with a brilliant, welcoming palette of colors. Waves of field grasses and wildflowers in a horizontal rainbow tickled my senses with childlike wonder – once again – I felt at home.

May a bit of color bring a sense of home to you this January 2023!

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