“By the Sycamore”

“By the Sycamore” 8″x 10″ Oil on canvas – $300

Have you ever just stopped to take a moment and witness the wonder of a tree? Maybe it’s the child inside me that for years has been taken by the artistry of a tree. Everything from the branches to the shape of a leaf can offer a moment of connection to magnificence. Even the scent can take me away, especially that of a pine or eucalyptus.

This sycamore provided such an experience on a recent afternoon. In the landscape of a local park I came upon this tree. Its beautiful mature architecture included a canopy of leaves that painted a wonderful palette of shadows upon the grass. I became enamored with it’s stature and the curves of it’s branches traveling to and fro all the way down toward the roots beneath the ground. The duration of time capturing this tree seemed fleeting as my brush just seemed to know what to do. I felt lucky to be there and to be having this experience, knowing it wouldn’t last or be again in exactly this same way.

Can you feel it’s capacity to marvel?

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