“Open Meadow”

“Open Meadow” 8″ x 10″ Oil on panel – $300

Have you had the experience standing in the beauty of nature and you realize there aren’t words to express how you are feeling in it’s company? It’s like words aren’t enough, no matter what!

So much of my painting is an experience in finding something other than words to express what’s going on in the moment. It’s where color seems to prosper for me in unusual ways. I can’t say I’m always seeking the “reality” of what’s before me but more the inspiration that’s within me. While I am curious about words and like language, my heart, since I was very young has always felt more ease speaking through pictures.

This small plein-air landscape oil painting I would describe as wildly expressive. There’s a lot of energy and movement. On some level, it was this quality that attracted me to the vista . It was an expansive location and I was able to just be there in this huge open field, alone, quiet and listening with my paints. Although the trees were not in their fullest expression, there were many hints of color to indicate what was coming. That’s what I caught notice of. Gentle passes of color were added bit by bit and slowly it came together. There would be pauses for reflection and even toward the end of the afternoon I knew it wasn’t completely done. I would need to let the painting rest, step away for a day or so and come back to see what else needed attention.

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  1. I often find myself lost for words when I am out in nature. The combinations of colour, and the effects of lighting, are beyond description. They have a powerful impact on my mind and emotions. It must be wonderful to have the talent to translate that into paintings!

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