“Open Cafe”

“Open Cafe” 8″ x 10″ Oil on canvas – $300

full colorings
linger on

palette filled wares
emotive touch
cascade embryonic love

curls and waves
a heart beats

spaces unknown
woven dreams
come true

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  1. I’ve missed seeing your paintings, Cathy. Just precious. Just love the way you create a poem that ties in with the painting. For me, this painting feels “European” to me. I relate cafes with Europe more so then here in America. You just have so much talent. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Much love to you! xo

  2. I immediately thought of the traditional English tea I have read about! I especially love the empty chair, inviting me to simply sit and take in the colours and various aromas. Delightful. What inspired you to paint this one Cathy?

    • Hi Liza. Thank you! I think the idea of traditional tea’s also crossed my mind in the later process of this painting.

      What inspired the piece was the tiered server. It was something I picked up recently at a yard sale with the intention of using it in some still life paintings. The chair wasn’t planned but something that just popped in my head and was not part of my original sketch. It changed the whole feeling of the painting. To me it became more of a story/narrative and that’s when the connection with a cafe came to mind.

      • I love learning the creative evolution of a piece, and yours flows with inspiration. Being inspired by the server, setting the scene, and inviting or creating a guest space. It is also a story….in my observation. One chair, one person…and I wonder if the chair is waiting or the tea is finished. Fun painting and inspiring!

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