“Dining on Color”

“Dining on Color” 20″ x 16″ – Oil on canvas – $1100

Interior spaces intrigue me. They can be some of the most challenging to work with for a painting – in part because I tend to be very close to the subject at hand, especially in my own house.

Inspiration for this painting came out of necessity I suppose. There was a need for me to start something new in terms of a painting. I’m not doing much right now in the way of plein-air landscapes which would be the course of things during the spring and summer. Right now I’m living without a car so my ability to travel is limited. In all honesty I’m kind of liking not having a car. I’m walking more and riding my bike as well as appreciating the kindness of neighbors and friends. Then there’s always grocery delivery… : )

Creatively speaking I’ve often felt like I lost my imagination, but I have to say this experience is challenging that thought. While I really love painting still life’s and plein-air landscapes there has been something special about painting this piece and observing spaces within my home. This painting features a view from my living room/dining room area into my kitchen. The table and chairs are family heirlooms and there’s been something about painting them in the context of this space that’s appealed to me. Some years ago I painted this table from the other direction so looking from my kitchen into the dining/living room area. It’s quite a different painting stylistically as you can see below. A lot has changed for me since then in terms of how I see things. And while I love this older version, there’s something quite special for me in the current rendering. It feels more like “home” to me. I think I’d like to stay here for awhile longer, my imagination feels more welcome!

“The Living Room Table”

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  1. spiritualfantasia

    The “homey” vibe you feel is captured because the new rendition has lots of colors! Do you ever discover new things about where you live when you are studying it, even though you have been there for quite a while?

  2. Thanks for your insight! I appreciate it. Yes, I think that’s a lot of what I am going through right now and have been for a while. Sometimes it can feel boring but I think that’s sort of the “call” to look deeper.

    Do you?

  3. Cathy, I love BOTH of these versions! When I compare them side by side, to me they are simply different perspectives, different moods, evolving. The original version is so soft, private, quiet, allowing a “promise” to be acknowledged by the gentle light filtering in like a breeze. It reminds me of contemplation, and quiet memories, and the eye is always lands in the corner, but then the hope of the window. The second painting is bold, brilliant, and open. We see a broad future, extending into the distance and beyond, out through this window. This painting does not question or reflect, it throws its arms open and sings “Hello, Dolly!” —–Of course, this is simply my interpretation—but I found both of these paintings side by side inspiring!

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