“The Magnolia Box”

“The Magnolia Box” 16″ x 20″ oil on canvas – $1100

Spring always feels abundant when my magnolia tree is in bloom. In seasons past we have been hit with a late frost so the pink wonder never gets to share it’s beauty. This year it did!

I was inspired by a friend of mine to clip some of the branches from my magnolia tree and create an interesting still life arrangement that we could both work on in my studio. This is the outcome! I loved the beautiful glass box she brought it felt like it was a piece that marked a bit of vintage history for me. It had this 1920’s vibe to it that also worked in the context of a magnolia. The tree itself is of “vintage” age in it’s 40+ years of life.

This is the general set-up we were working from. I did need to rotate out the branches for a fresh bunch as the painting progressed. I decided to alter the color on the beautiful glass box but used it’s actual coloring as a starting point to work from.

The painting was created on a gallery wrapped canvas that is signed. It comes unframed and ready to hang. Please contact me with any questions or to purchase this painting. You can email me at cmartzloffart@gmail.com. Thank you!

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