“Daffodil Patchwork”

“Daffodil Patchwork” 12″ x 12″ – Oil on panel – $475

Each spring daffodils seem to make it into a painting or two. They feel traditional to me as markers of spring. I also happen to have them in my garden, which makes them an easily accessible target for a painting. I do love their bright yellow presence with touches of orange and their hardy nature. There’s not much I have to do anymore to care for them, and I relish the fact that they multiply each year!

In coming up with this still life I really began with the tablecloth. The combination of blue, green, yellow and white is one I like. The cloth has a woven series of motifs running throughout it and the infusion of patterning it offered was something I could exaggerate. Paring this cloth with the simple bouquet of fresh cut daffodils seemed like just the imagery I needed to invoke the spirit of joy.

I painted this on a 12″ x 12″ piece of masonite. I love that as a surface to paint on as well as the square format. Enjoy!

Please contact me to purchase this artwork at cmartzloffart@gmail.com Thank you!

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