“Mediterranean Feast”

“Mediterranean Feast” 9″ x 12″ Oil on panel – $375

Over the past month or so I’ve been meeting with one of my artist friends to paint in my studio. It’s been a great experience because we each contribute something new to the prospective arrangement. I love the infusion of new items which bring a fresh light and energy into the work.

This arrangement is one my friend brought over. A couple of lovely artichokes and a floral printed plate. There was an entirely different feel to the set up that was refreshing. I hadn’t painted artichokes in a long time. Actually, I was a little nervous and forgot how great they are as a subject. The triangular leaves and texture of an artichoke have personality and substance. The green color is awesome! The plate was black with yellow, pink and green patterning which was fun. I didn’t want to work with black so infused a deep reddish-purple color as a replacement. The floral motif in the background came from a piece of fabric I tacked to the wall for fun.

In thinking about a title, I did a little research on artichokes and was reminded they are Mediterranean in origin. The more I considered this the more I connected to that aspect of the entire painting. In some way it felt like feasting on the treasures of a different part of the world. Enjoy!

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  1. Love how you painted this, Cathy!! Love those deep olive greens, or in this case, artichoke greens. I’m about to jump into my dry pastels and so I spent a lot of time looking how simply you made depth and 3D affect with different shades of color and contrast. Thank you for sharing this!!

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