“Timeless Treasures”

“Timeless Treasures” 9″x12″ Oil on masonite – $375

Working with patterns in my painting often takes me on some unusual journeys. In this still life I enjoyed pulling together some fabrics to start the arrangement. Some of the fabrics had a blue and white motif and others incorporated more earthy hues, like brown and dark green. The stoneware pieces also fit that color theme. The bowl on the right in reality is a combination of blue and white and the pitcher a warm tan color, without decoration.

As the painting evolved the colors I chose to use changed from what was actually there. Obviously the blue and white bowl became something a bit different with shades of orange and yellow. This was my interpretation of the warm light that was cast toward that side of bowl. Some of the colors in the background motif were altered and the shapes in the fabric were simplified. I liked the paring of geometric forms and playing up that aspect of all the components within the composition.

The title “Timeless Treasures” is reflective of working with fabrics and wares I have collected and the timelessness of their utility.

Note: This artwork comes unframed.

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