“Blossoms” 8″ x 10″ Oil on canvas – $300

The beauty of perennials goes beyond the textures and colors for me. What I love is knowing they will appear again next year. It feels like a guarantee of life affirming beauty that I can count on. Of course, part of that experience requires that these beauties leave for a period of time. They change throughout the season. The blossoms fade away as new ones appear on later blooming varieties, that is until the cooler weather floats in and a period of rest is needed.

I seem to paint this part of my garden at least once each spring or summer. It’s what’s here and even though they are perennials I find something a bit different about them when they return. Sometimes they have multiplied and at other times I have thinned out the garden bed in the fall, passing on the bulbs to neighbors and friends so they can expand elsewhere come spring.

It’s an interesting journey watching blossoms grow and bloom in new ways. Even upon a canvas there can be something to learn and enjoy.

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