“Indelible Weaves”

“Indelible Weaves” 14″ x 11″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

time ever present
sorrows holds

roots derivative grain

human spirit
color free

sisters brothers
quilted beings
of vulnerability

curing crisis states

gentle arms sought
beneath the soils
cracked mirror

a reflection
to see ourselves

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  1. “curing crisis states” …. put tears in my eyes, Cathy. I ache when I view this painting as if I would if I could gather this woman on my arms to comfort. I believe you captured on canvas the state of the world ….. we truly are stepping into healing and mending and fixing what is wrong. We all are brothers and sisters ….. all. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. You have such tremendous talent. xo

  2. Thanks Amy. I feel sadness looking at the painting and wish there wasn’t so much pain in the world or at least that as a collective population there would be more openness to everyone’s suffering and being able to talk about that.

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