“The Artistry of Things”

“The Artistry of Things” 8″ x 10″ Oil on canvas – $300

Some form of artistry exists in most every day things. In this painting there is a celebration of form and design as well as color in some common objects both vintage and contemporary. 

As this arrangement came together I knew I wanted to emphasize simple bold shapes.  Within that context,  I decided to take a close-up perspective and leave some of the objects cropped with in the space. The vintage kettle was the most “detailed” item in the group and some of it’s finer design elements were left out.  The large grey canister is an onion keeper that has a number of larger circular holes around it’s body which I chose to eliminate as well in order to keep the focus on the exterior lines of all the items being represented. 

Examining the objects from this point of view was important.  I wanted to create less identity with the items and infuse a little discomfort within the composition to see what might unfold.  The yellow pepper ended up being the only fully represented part of the still life, yet it doesn’t dominate the painting in my view. Deciding on a background color took some consideration but a form of white seemed to work as a compliment.   It was a bold choice, perhaps even a little dramatic given the colors already operating in the painting. For me it works as contrast and accentuates the other items without taking away from them.  Although this artwork is simple in its expression it’s a fun painterly piece that’s lively and full of texture in the brushwork. 

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