“Living in Color”

“Living in Color” 18″ x 14″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

The studio moved into part of my living room last week as I was moved to create and interior landscape.  I haven’t done one of those in awhile and with the mass of rain we’ve had here in New Jersey this was a welcome opportunity.

In approaching the painting I left myself pretty open in terms of the expression.  The character of the room provided a lot to work with in terms of shapes and detail.  When it came to incorporating color, as usual, I aim toward some aspects of “reality” but embellish as I am led.  Most of this was done in the evening hours as the daylight was waning.  A richer more vibrant expression seems to emerge in that kind of light. 

It’s a vibrant piece and one that feels quite expressive in a way that I don’t totally understand but none the less appreciate and find interesting.  It is one of my favorite rooms in my house with an abundance of fond, loving memories – I’m sure the color choices are an extension of that.  It was a challenge photographing the work in part due to the palette of colors.  I find this happens from time to time with various paintings.  The actual work is far more compelling than the image relays.  

Sunshine has been out again this week! The interior landscapes will take a back seat to nature and the outdoors for now! 


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  1. This painting to me is quite inviting, as it seems to beckon me to get comfortable on that couch to pick the book up to read. LOVE these colors …. so vibrant and warm! Great job, Cathy! I so do enjoy your art! Thank you! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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