The Abstract Pineapple

“The Abstract Pineapple” 14″ x 11″ Oil on canvas – $500

It seems I tend to buy pineapples at this time of year and every time I do I end up spending time just looking at them.  They are somewhat curious objects to me with their diamond patterned exterior and bold texture.  And the strong firm waxy leaves have an artistry of their own that’s hard to ignore.

I understand they are herbaceous perennials. That’s a mouth full!  They acquired their name due to their resemblance to pine cones.  Makes sense!  They are a symbolic fruit referencing “welcome”.  An icon of sorts that’s been present in quilts and all kinds of home decor items as well as folk art.

Painting pineapples has been part of my experience over the years.  In fact the other day I came across an acrylic painting done in a lot more realistic manner which I rather like.  Maybe I will have to share that sometime.  This painting was a lot of fun to create.  The bold color and simple shapes of the vintage scale and fruit seemed to be a nice compliment to the more patterned pineapple.  It’s an expressive oil painting with a light hearted spirit meant to engage the viewers curiosity.    

The colors in the painting are somewhat tropical in flavor like the fruit!  There’s also quite a bit of texture on the canvas which has been recycled.  I like recycling past oil paintings at times because as a surface they add character and remind me of this journey. 


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  1. Just a lovely painting. Thank you for sharing it. You and pineapples. I once wrote a blog about artists and writers selecting one little piece of reality and beiing snared by it and working it into their art time and again. I have a painter friend who paints hummingdirds, another paints roses exclusively because she had a vision of of roses, and one who paints only clouds
    Best wisehes..

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