“Walking Through Tulips”

“Walking Through Tulips” 12″x 12″ Oil on canvas  SOLD

In this studio piece I explore the incorporation of a person as part of the visual story.  It occurred to me, as I was going through some of my photographs that there was something nice about the imagery of people interacting within the tulip fields.

In contemplating exploring that possibility I re-visited my love for the figure and how that hasn’t been part of my practice for awhile.  Although it’s not something I tend to  incorporate within a landscape, this vista felt like it was worth trying.  There was something about the movement in this woman that caught my eye.  Her dress and stance had an appealing fluidity I wanted to capture.  In reality she was standing with her young son. There was no bucket on her arm so some artistic license was taken in developing the composition as you see it.  I felt connected to the singular figure in the context of the scene as well as leaving the bucket empty as part of the expression.

As I reflect back on my experience painting at this location it was all about the people in many ways.  The orchestrated fields and millions of strategically planned bulbs were planted for visitors to come and enjoy.  How similar that intention is to part of the artists journey. Not unlike a writer who creates a story of fiction or fact that needs to be shared for others to experience.  Similarly, painting at the core, is an extension of the life within me.  One of the deep internal hopes in that expression is to connect with others in a way that is meaningful. That simple yet powerful interaction is vital to my process and flow of creating.  It fosters my growth as a woman and contemporary painter. Maybe it changes the viewer too.


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  1. I don’t know why, Cathy, but this painting tugged at my Heart and put a huge lump in my throat. This is extraordinary. And what you have written here, so softly yet with such character, left me feeling as if you allowed me a glimpse into you. Outstanding painting …. I believe this so far is my favorite one you have painted. A+!! Just WOW! (I looked at this painting for a long time and almost began to cry.) 🦋🦋🦋

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