“The Tree”

Available original oil painting
“The Tree” 10″ x 8″ Oil on canvas – $300

Well it’s time to head back out into the field and begin some plein-air painting again!  Last week we had a couple of temperate days so I decided to visit a park on a street called Lover’s Lane that’s full of magnolia trees. It’s a charming park where children often play.  The magnolias are off in the distance with an assortment of other unique trees.  They all are tagged with signs informing the viewer of their origin and name.   

The magnolia’s weren’t as robust as I have seen in the past but still contained a strong measure of beauty.  Many of the petals had started to fall which made for a beautiful ground cover.  The area I entered had a cluster of about 4 large magnolias with a spaciousness underneath in which to stand. It was like being under a soft pink canopy.

What drew me to this viewpoint were the faint pink petals extending from the barely visible branches on the strong curvy core of this old tree.  The flower heads seemed to be floating in the air and really caught my eye. In the distance behind the fence stood a contemporary home in partial view which I had initially included.  Toward the end I decided to take that out because the tree just spoke in such a strong way. 

Finally, the vibrant yellow daffodils in clusters around the base seemed to add a wonderful texture as did the fallen petals resting on the ground in which I stood. 

Spring is here!  

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  1. I just love trees. This painting is so simple and beautiful. I’m one of those people who would have stopped and run my hands over the bark of this tree and smelled one of the flowers. Just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

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