“Spring Abstractions”

“Spring Abstractions” 14″ x 11″ Oil on canvas – $500

The colors of spring this season are awakening my spirit. It’s been a gift each day over the past weeks to see them emerge a bit more each day. 

This painting was inspired by the pink cherry tree that’s in my neighbors front yard.  It’s one I have admired for years and was planted by my previous neighbor in honor of their daughter who passed on at birth.  I remember them sharing that with me, and thinking what a beautiful way to honor her.  Each year its character surfaces with beautiful draping limbs that gracefully carry gorgeous clusters of tiny pink plumes and I remember. 

Although I hoped to paint this as a plein-air piece there just wasn’t a suitable place for me to set up in my yard so I took a bunch of photos from my driveway and went from there.  What I liked within the vista in addition to its personal meaning were the array of pinks, yellows and greens so indicative of this season.  Occupying space between a course of straight and curved lines like directional entities they drew me in. 

These colors became pivotal vehicles of expression in the painting. From a practical standpoint, there was a lot to consider in terms of detail. Nature has a way of being like that sometimes. Eliminating the non-essentials became key to identifying the most interesting forms to carry the beautiful hues before me. 

What I hoped to capture through this work was the powerful abstract character of this landscape in a way that would propose some measure of sensation and feeling for the viewer to encounter.

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