“The Kitchen Table”

“The Kitchen Table” 11″x 14″ Oil on canvas – $500

The kitchen is such a place of creativity when I stop and think about it.  Although I wouldn’t say I’m a real “fan” of cooking I can put some nice meals together from time to time and have fun doing that – especially when it’s without a recipe.

This still life oil painting was created at a friends house in a beautiful sunroom right off her kitchen.  The large farm table and chairs were so welcoming.  In preparation for us to paint an eclectic mix of wonderful things had been put out to work with.  Fruits, vegetables, wine, glassware, and colorful ceramic pieces all there for the imagination.  I got sucked into the colors immediately!  I loved the large peppers in red, orange and yellow along with a purple cabbage.  Those items popped dramatically on the white tray they rested upon. 

The stripped ceramic pitcher and blue bottle were added beauties for consideration as we walked around the table checking the views and tweaking things here and there before we started.  There were so many great views to choose from.

This angle was pleasing to my eye because it took in a lot of what was there and had a nice way of leading my eye back into the space.  I also loved the woven placemats which in reality were a little more tan in hue.  They had a great textural quality that I really wanted to incorporate in a meaningful way through the painting.   The large windows in the distance were pared down to the soft greys I saw, providing a calming contrast to the bright subject matter on the table.

I had many moments where I forgot about time and felt a meditative quality in painting that day.  I think time sped by for both of us as we were caught by the hour when stopping for a break.  We both commented on the aspect of getting absorbed in the creative process.

I think the peppers ended up as part of the dinner menu for that evening – they were spectacular!  

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