“Destination Freedom”

“Destination Freedom” 18″ x 14″ Oil on canvas – $850

Painting, for me is such an adventure in discovery and ultimately a search for freedom at a soul level.  Choosing to follow this path has been one of the most difficult journeys but at the same time of utmost value in terms of my growth as a human being.  It’s challenging right now, but most things worth doing are worth doing for the love I feel in doing them and not for any potential outcome.  I trust that creating from my heart will ultimately take me where I most need to be and provide me with the resources I most need to have.  I’m growing in faith and trust as I let go of the internal battles from my past regarding being an artist. 

This plein-air landscape surprisingly seems to honor what I am going through. It was created at Monmouth Battlefield State Park in New Jersey.  I’ve painted here before and love the expansive vista and rolling landscape. And on an early fall day the colors are breathtaking!  What I was drawn to in the vista was the range of view and the sense of freedom.  The beautiful shapes that I saw became like puzzle pieces all fitting together in a way that told a simple, colorful story.  One that I wanted to record.

As I painted I became aware of historical contrasts and wondered what this landscape might have looked like during the Revolutionary War.  You see this is one of the locations where battle broke out as our country searched for freedom.  I imagine it a bit darker and maybe riddled with reminders of life’s preciousness and those who came before me risking their lives so that I could stand here and paint – of all things.

Freedom is something I like to reflect on.  I didn’t go to this location with that in mind, but it’s what I was presented with on this day.  I don’t wish to take my freedom for granted although I’m afraid I often do.  Perhaps a little less now as I have stepped onto a path of experiencing what that really means to me.  So far it feels like something filled with love and respect for myself and others  and having the choice to walk away from things that don’t support what is deepest in my heart while letting others do the same even if I don’t agree.  


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