“Basketweave of Joy”

“Basketweave of Joy” 12″ x 9″ Oil on masonite – $375

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word joy and what that means to me as well as what joy feels like as an experience.

In this still life painting, as I worked with the objects, there was a sense of festivity and “joyfulness” that I began to connect with. The basket in particular with its kaleidoscope of colors really brought that forth. It reminded me of a colorful Mexican sombrero, dancing and bright, vibrant music. Then the dried Chinese lantern plant with its tiny lantern like blooms and rich orange hues transported me to another part of the world equally spirited and festive. The still life seemed to have all these little hints of a joyful celebration.

Last but not least, most of the pieces in this set up were contributed by my friend and fellow artist. It’s been an inspiring experience to work with new things and to collaborate in the spirit of creativity.

Note: The framed images are for suggestion only.

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