“The Pink Magnolia”


“The Pink Magnolia” 9″ x 12″ oil on panel

The magnolia tree in my back yard is one of my treasured pieces of nature each spring.  This tree is  a long time friend with great character and beauty.  Last year because of the strange weather she never came into bloom.  A few buds tried to emerge but they were hard to see.  The buds went right into their  later season green splendor providing an abundance of rich shade throughout the summer months. 

I’ve learned in the time I’ve been here that this is a sturdy tree, one that can withstand a lot so I wasn’t too worried last year when the flowers didn’t appear as usual.  I knew they were in there.  Sometimes we all need a rest from “flowering”.

Gratefully, this spring she’s back in full splendor and color.  A large bough came down during the late March snow but it hasn’t seemed to cause any trouble. The flowers this year are vibrant and robust creating a beautiful treat for my eyes each day.

The magnolia doesn’t stay in this state for long so I took advantage of the picturesque day and captured the landscape in paint to preserve the experience for myself.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect to be outdoors and just stand in the glory of the day with my long time friend and her varied pink hues.   I will miss her colorful presence as she continues her growing journey for this season and slowly converts to the rich large leaves of green until next spring. Who knows what she will look like then. I can only imagine her increasing in beauty!

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