“Catching Spring”

“Catching Spring” 10″ x 8″ Oil on canvas – $300

Gazing at my last bunch of freshly clipped daffodils I was moved to gather my paints and
bring them into my living room so I could make a painting before they started wilting. I especially loved the white Mc Coy vintage vase as the container for the beautiful stems and flowers. It shows up in many of my paintings…

It’s not often that I set up in my living room – sometimes I can be a messy painter! It’s with some regularity that I find myself with paint showing up in places I can’t understand or figure out how it got there. I chuckle… Fortunately, that didn’t happen here. I actually set up on the floor with a plastic drop cloth then sat on some stacked pillows close to the table the flowers rested on. The time disappeared and the canvas absorbed the paint and colors of the moment. The rest is history.

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