Composite paintings explore parts of a whole and the experience of something new as determined by their juxtaposition.  I’m interested in relationships. In each of these projects I’m creating separate entities and then constructing something larger.  As I establish relationships the scene changes.  The process is fairly organic. I wait until I see what I need to as a complete work and then stop.  The exception to this method is  “Tulip Diversion”.  In this piece, I worked the canvases together and painted this  as one unified painting.  Upon completion, I separated the individual canvases and experimented with a variety of arrangements. Ultimately deciding on keeping the “understood” form with small separations vs. deconstructing the work into something wholly different.  In retrospect, some of the more random gatherings I went through might have been more interesting.  However, nothing’s lost it’s simply part of the discovery process for me.

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