“Baking with Lemons”

“Baking with Lemons” 9″ x 12″ Oil on masonite – $375

Back in the kitchen with some vintage items and the spirit of creativity is where I find myself in this still life painting. A classic blue and white cloth becomes the playground for an arrangement of things from my cupboard and fridge.

Fixating on the colors and shapes as I go, wondering what will “rise”. We aren’t making bread here but something else unseen and untasted perhaps. Is it a lemon merengue pie that will ensue or something more savory in nature?

The idea is to have fun! Play in the “sandbox” of experimentation and not knowing. I remember days growing up and mixing all kinds of crazy things together and so much of that was about the freedom to explore and far less about the outcome – which often would be quite tasty.

Baking with lemons – if you Google it the options are endless. Of course when I was experimenting way back when – no one knew of the “internet” much less something called “google”. Times have changed but there remains beauty in tradition and creating things from scratch or by hand without the use of technology.

To purchase this painting please contact me at cmartzloffart@gmail.com

Categories: New Paintings, Still Life, Still Life

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