“From the Garden”

“From the Garden” 10″ x 8″ Oil on canvas – $300

When I think of a garden I think of many things. Flowers, color, beauty, digging in the dirt, the cool touch of soil, planting things and the wonder in what can grow from the ground with a fair amount of simplicity. I’m a casual gardener, meaning I like to work with what I have in an organic way and try to keep it simple – low maintenance and not too formal.

Painting a still life is an experience similar to that of gardening for me. I get to plant things on the canvas and wonder in the process of watching the work unfold while keeping the imagery simple and colorful.

“From the Garden” is about planting ideas and letting them grow in the midst of uncertainty. And if it’s possible, to preserve a few moments under glass for future enjoyment.

This painting began with the green pepper and butternut squash. The colors of tan and green – at first sight were not the most inspiring. I never let that stop me! As I wandered off to my basket of fabrics, I came across a floral print. The vine-like motif reminded me of my neighbors’ garden patch in the fall – full of pumpkins, butternut squash, peppers, tomatoes and other treats. I was on my way to exploring something new from my “garden”.

Please contact me with questions or to purchase this oil painting at cmartzloffart@gmail.com. *Note the artwork comes wired to hang without a frame. The frame is a suggestion only. Thank you!

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