“Perennial Fruits”

“Perennial Fruits” 12″ x 9″ Oil on masonite – $375

Uncovering the wonder in an arrangement takes time and observation. It’s becoming more clear to me that it’s found in the perennial nature of things and frequently goes beyond the realm of what I see.

Inspiration for this painting centered around a feeling of connection. The arrangement was a collaboration of items that seemed arbitrary but ended up stirring memories of experiences. The objects came from different places, some were mine, some were a friends, and on the surface, just “things”. Yet upon engaging with the painting process, I found myself traveling through time. This is part of the wonder I find in painting and in paintings.

I think art has a way of creating opportunities to explore and learn more about ourselves and our respective perennial nature without even trying. Each person brings their own life story to the artwork that gives it special meaning and that’s part of the magic as well as the connection!

Note – The framed image is for suggestion only.

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  1. GORGEOUS, Cathy!! I truly believe love, music and art will change the world. They are now. When you wrote ….

    … and frequently goes beyond the realm of what I see.,

    I heard, “within a painting, within a photograph, within music, portals will be revealed giving opportunity for the viewer and listener to voyage beyond time.”

    Whoa!!! Sending you much love!! Keep on changing the world, dear friend!!! We’ve got this! xo

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