“Love in the Kitchen”

“Love in the Kitchen” – 8″ x 10″ Oil on canvas – $300

I think if I could paint in my kitchen I’d never run out of inspirational material. There is something about the creative space of a kitchen and all that can be made with food from the earth that’s just amazing. Cooking isn’t my passion, but I know people who love it and create amazing things that not only taste good but are beautifully presented.

This small still life wasn’t painted in my kitchen but certainly has a lot of things from there as part of the composition. I’ve been buying a lot of vegetables lately and can easily get lost in the produce section of any market. Have you ever been to an Asian market? There’s one near where I live and it’s like walking into a color factory (if there is such a thing). There are so many interesting fruits and vegetables. The colors are robust, and I always come across things I’ve never seen before and wouldn’t know what to do with other than look at them and appreciate their artistry.

In this painting I gathered some colorful peppers, a yellow squash and an eggplant along with a few mushrooms, relishing the varied hues. The platter was also heavily decorated and a fun piece to add to the mix. Loving patterns as I do, I took an apron and tacked it on the wall for even more variety.

Love can come in so many forms. This is just one way to express it!

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  1. Just love this painting, Cathy. I agree with you love comes in many different ways. As for going to an Asian market, no I haven’t but I would absolutely love to. We do not have any around here, not that I know of at least. Thank you for always sharing your light through your creativity. You are making such glorious color in this world!! Thank you! xoxoxo

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