“New Hope Cottage”

“New Hope Cottage” 5″x 5″ Oil on panel – $75

Small paintings often feel like treasures to me, whether they are done with a realistic hand or one that’s more gestural and impressionistic. It seems within the confines of the limited space magic can unfold.

This 5″x 5″ oil painting reflects a spot along the Delaware in the town of New Hope, Pennsylvania. It’s a charming spot with many historic buildings. Although you can’t see it here there is a tow path and a canal way that was used for transportation years ago. Mules would walk along the canal and pull cargo filled boats from one point to another.

This painting was a spontaneous piece enveloped with swift brushwork and a very loose
interpretation of the architecture and surrounding landscape. The colors are imaginative and capture a piece of the artistic culture that exists in this small town today. Enjoy!


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