“Lavender Farm Surprise”

“Lavender Farm Surprise” 16″ x 20″ Oil on canvas – $1100

Farm scenes have always been a point of interest to me. Fortunately, I’ve lived in areas where I have had access to that kind of landscape. Early on I would love taking photos of farm scenes. There was a sense of quiet connection in the expansive passing fields and simply shaped houses and buildings.

In this painting, the experience is reflective of those characteristics but with the excitement of a field filled with lavender. Although this painting was created from a photograph of mine while visiting to paint onsite, it was the memory of being there that informed this current imagery. I still remember the fragrant scent of lavender in the air and the tactile beauty of the plants in orderly rows. A recognition of time and planning that the farmer who works the farm employs to create such a wonderous and prospering crop for others to enjoy.

Moments like these are ones I often want to savor and hold on to. They remind me of all the beauty in the world. These type of moments can only be savored as a memory for the most part. Part of my love for painting is being able to create a tangible piece of the experience in the form of a painting. This creation allows the experience to be shared with others and keep it alive.

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