“Bride and Groom”

“Bride and Groom” 12″x 9″ Oil on panel – $375

In the exploration of painting people, I’ve been drawn to creating some imagery around weddings, brides and the romantic tradition and social institution of marriage. It’s not a subject I ever thought I’d paint but it’s engaging in a way I hadn’t expected. Perhaps a little healing for me in some way since my own marriage failed and was painful in it’s ending. There’s an aspect in these paintings of a dream being put to rest and being able to gaze back on some parts I want to remember.

This piece, “Bride and Groom” is the second within this theme. In an earlier post, “Daring to See” the painting captures a woman gazing into the mirror, she could be a bride reflecting upon herself before the ceremony. In this painting we have a couple, a bride and groom, gazing at each other in a moment either before or after the ceremony. No one else is around and we can’t fully discern what they are thinking or how they are feeling. That part is left to the viewer as it is in “Daring to See”.

There will be at least one more painting of a bride coming – that artwork is inspired from photos in my mother and fathers wedding album.

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