“In the Garden of Home”

“In the Garden of Home” 10″x 8″ oil on canvas – SOLD

Traditions anchor us in the familiar and can connect the present with the past. Sometimes I enjoy a little trip back to earlier points in my life and I have always had an affinity for history. As much as I like the grounding aspect of tradition, I also like to bend tradition a bit and much of the time that comes in the form of brilliant and imaginative color.

In this landscape I stepped back to a photograph in my collection from a plein-air outing. This house is one I had painted from another angle during an event in the community a few years ago. Usually there are a number of interesting views to work with, which is why I take a lot of photos. This side view intrigued me then, and still does, with its charming details, dual chimneys and real sense of American history.

The colors are expressive and reflective of my experience as are the details I chose to amplify. Painting this piece was like visiting a fond memory and making it real in a new way – maybe carrying on a tradition within the brilliance of beautiful color.

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