“Fruit Salad Trio”

“Fruit Salad Trio” 5″x 7″ Oil on handmade paper – $75 each – mounted on black matboard

It’s been fun this summer to play with making paper and then using some of that paper to paint on.

To create the paper, I constructed a couple of “deckles” which are the frames that determine the size of the paper. Using some old painting frames and screen from an old screen door I managed to create a small and medium sized frame to begin the process.

I won’t get into the details of that process – you can find information on YouTube. But it was fun to recycle old paper and to add some wildflowers from a walk in the woods. The paper I painted these paintings on didn’t have wild flowers. The pulp was made out of recycled paper, some with color, some with text on it. I used a lot of pulp so the paper has a thick consistency and it worked well with the oil paint.

The paintings themselves just remind me of summer and all the fresh fruit that comes around at this time of year. It’s one of my favorite things about summer. The bright colors, not always realistic add to the imaginative quality of the painting and a sense of playfulness.

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