“Mini Daffodils”

“Mini Daffodils” 11″ x 7.5″ Oil on watercolor paper

What do you do when you run out of canvas? Eek!

As a resourceful, creative person sometimes I still forget what I do have around me. This can include painting supplies. For this painting, I did happen to be out of canvas but realized I had some heavy weight watercolor paper around and could paint in oils on that. Whew!

Painting on paper offers a different experience. I like the texture of this paper and the way it takes the paint. In preparation, I gesso the paper first to prepare it for the oil paint and then tape it to a board – like one might do for a watercolor painting as a support. This piece of paper wasn’t a standard size which was a nice change and lent itself to a more elongated format when it came to capturing this pot of miniature yellow daffodils.

An oil painting on paper lends itself to matting and alternative choices when it comes to framing. I plan to mount this on a piece of matboard so the edges of the paper are exposed. It offers a deeper connection to the materials in my view, and the handmade aspect of the entire artwork.

Any suggestions on a color for the background matting?

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