“Daisies from the Trail”

“Daisies from the Trail” 5″x 5″ Oil on panel – $75

Life can feel confusing. It feels that way for me right now and I aim to roll with it imperfectly! In the uncomfortable moments what I see I need most is time to step away, even for a moment. To center myself and stop trying to figure everything out is like taking “recess”.

As a young girl, there was something special about being able to go outdoors.  Riding my bike or exploring in nature did something.   I’m not sure it always brought me back to being centered on my schoolwork, but it instilled in me a sense of wonder and freedom that I needed and remember. After all these are cornerstones to creativity!

To feel the wind on my face as I peddled home from school or to feel the excitement of seeing wildflowers growing free in nature were the kind of moments that connected me to something beyond myself.

These somatic experiences have meaning for me today.  When I feel a creative drought or life just seems to big in the moment, sitting down and putting on my sneakers to go for a walk or to ride my bike is usually what’s needed.  This action transports me to a place that’s new inside. Sometimes I come back with daisies from the trail!

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