“The Light of Spring on Main Street”

“The Light of Spring on Main Street” 20″x 16″ – Oil on canvas – $1100

I wonder how many towns around the globe have a street called “Main Street”? It’s one I’ve come across in many places but find the little girl inside myself saying “That’s not the real Main Street, only we have that.” The sentiment is understandable – after all there is some inherent feeling about the name Main Street. It connotes the place, the center and yes to a child how could there be more than one? It’s part of being at home.

This painting was inspired by that sense of spirit and reflects a location along the “Main Street” where I live. This street is full of historic homes. The architecture, the gardens all speak so uniquely to me. Each house is different and contains it’s own special history and personality. There’s a bit of artistry to the collection that I love and can be inspired by.

Although I love historic architecture and gardening, this painting isn’t all about the house or the garden landscape. It became more about transitions and the beauty in the middle. In this case a pink cherry tree as a compliment to the house on the left and the one we don’t see quite yet. It’s there beyond the hint of fence…

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