“Lilacs and Lemon”

“Lilacs and Lemon” 10″ x 8″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

As the spring comes to it’s inevitable close, the hints of purple on the lilac tree in my yard
called for remembering. I love my trees and I enjoy watching them change during the seasons. The ongoing transition continues each day and lately it feels a little faster than I’d like to admit.

I don’t know if there’s a sense of urgency within me when it comes to painting. It may be the documentarian inside that wants to record my experiences as validation of my existence, or simply share something I find beautiful and unique with the world.

The lilac tree was the inspiration for this painting, and like the creation of a warm comforting stew, the other ingredients were added. A touch of love for simple things, a pinch of the unknown and a slice of nostalgia appear in the form of a lemon, pear, canning jar and swatch of fabric. It’s at this point in the process, I become invested in relishing the randomness and exploration of the experience and simply seeing what unfolds.

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