“A Heart for Roses”

“A Heart for Roses” 20″x 20″x1.5″ Oil on canvas – $1400

Do you have a heart for roses? I’m not sure when I first became enamored with roses but there’s always been something so delicate and feminine about them. I’m drawn to memories of their fragrant scent in potpourri, not too sweet and perfumy but containing a more organic refreshing air.

I’ve had roses (not many) in my garden and can’t say that I’ve had a lot of success with them but when they have bloomed, I stand in awe with the shapely petals and graceful artistry. There’s still a dreamy desire inside me to plant a climbing rose bush near my shed, maybe this spring will be the time to give that another try.

This painting was inspired by a recent call for art around the Valentine holiday and began as a small piece which I posted a couple of weeks ago. I had the 20″x 20″ canvas waiting in my studio for something, and this felt right. I love the close-up view and geometric quality – it’s like a tessellation puzzle full of wonderful shapes that all fit together and become a beautiful mosaic.

I hope you can feel the heartfelt joy in this bouquet of roses through its brilliant color and patterning.

If you questions on the painting please contact me via the contact page. Thank you!

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