“Apples” 5″ x 5″ Oil on canvas panel – $75

Apples can be a fun thing to observe and work with in a still life painting. There are so many ways to interpret them and so many varieties of apples now to choose from.

This small painting was a fun excursion inspired by an oil painting called “Glass and Apples” by Paul Cezanne. I really like the still life and much of Cezanne’s work. He had a unique way of seeing things and was a Post-Impressionist who paved the way toward the Cubism movement.

“Glass and Apple” by P. Cezanne

Apples show up in a lot of my still life paintings. Mostly because I usually have them around! Sometimes painting a small piece like this leads to other larger work and bigger ideas for me to explore. In that sense they help me stay in the “flow” of my practice as a painter.


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