“Breakfast Art”

“Breakfast Art” 8″ x 10″ Oil on canvas – $300

Do you have a favorite meal of the day? Sometimes that can be a hard question especially if you enjoy food. I fall into that category, but if I had to select a favorite it would be breakfast. The options at breakfast appeal to me and fruit is always a welcome delight!

Inspiration for me in creating a still life painting often comes from things like fruit or kitchen wares. I’m convinced it’s the tie to creation. The kitchen is a creative space – or can be. Incorporating things like fruit connects me to a sense of opportunity and immediacy. I can’t think too long because time is “ticking”. Fresh produce starts to change and decompose so to capture it in it’s fullness and most brilliant states I need to act.

There are endless stories to be had in this small still life as you let it grip your imagination. The panels of light, the glass of milk, the compelling orange and burgundy hued grapes are here to offer an experience. Maybe it’s not breakfast for you – it’s something entirely different and yours to feast on freely.

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