“Canning One Summer”

“Canning One Summer” 7″x 5″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

This small painting was a fun detour from my regular practice. Sometime I like to paint extracts from previous works and this is one of those pieces. The primary painting is a 30″x 30″ still life that I love, but in gazing at it I found this tiny section calling out.

It’s interesting to keep looking at an artwork and notice how I can often see other paintings inside. It was a few years ago that I made the decision to explore that idea and actually create some paintings in that way. To me it has some deeper internal meanings. It’s like taking a closer look at myself or even my life and seeing what’s there that maybe I overlook, don’t want to recognize or acknowledge.

There can be healing in looking closer – that’s my experience. More often now I experience seeing the beauty and inspiration that has been there along the journey. Just like looking at a painting and witnessing the process of it’s creation and the uncovering other lovely parts of it that contribute to it wholeness.

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  1. Cathy, this is different from your usual. I love the way the lines and angles and colors and just like you said, the deeper images were created. You are also correct in saying when we look deeply, what we find we didn’t even know existed. Thank you for sharing your Gift with us. I love coming here and just gazing at your Soul through your strokes. (smile) xo

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