“Zestful Lemons”

“Zestful Lemons” 14″ x 18″ Oil on canvas – $850

Lemons are a treasure to paint and I often forget about them as a subject. Their vibrant yellow brightens up just about any area and I notice them as I stroll through the fruit and produce section at the local market.

Lemons in some circles symbolize longevity, purification, love and friendship. Recently I put a bowl of them like the one above on a table in my entryway. This was an idea I read about with regard to shifting the energetic space of an area. Every time I walked by a smile crossed my face. I am someone who is very responsive to color and this felt like something so simple to do and it yielded so much power.

With a whole bag of them to work with it was rather easy to move into the idea of creating a painting. After I was done they didn’t go to waste. I froze the juice in an ice cube tray and bagged up the lemon zest for future baking needs. I learned I could freeze that too!

There may be a couple more lemon paintings in the works. There’s a rich palette of colors to work with in the context of lemons and I’m having fun exploring those along the way.

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