“The Garden Tour”

“The Garden Tour” 10″ x 8″ Oil on panel – SOLD

Embarking on pathways that are new can be exhilarating and filled with unexpected delight.
There’s something magnetic about experiencing the unknown and I think that’s how I feel
every time I start a new painting. It’s a journey that usually has surprises for me.

In this prismatic, vertical landscape I was drawn to the unique cottage-like architecture of the house. It was surrounded by an expansive, beautifully manicured garden that had a “natural” vibe to it. And although there were many spots to paint just the garden, I was drawn to
incorporating the house that the garden surrounded.

Wonderful curves and contrasts with a medley of colors to engage with provided a draw. The historic home had just received a new cedar shingle roof that glowed in the afternoon sun. It amplified the beauty of the artful gables. The warmth of the unpainted wood was spectacular against the cordovan brown sides of the residence. Sensitive plantings posed spots of verdant green and brilliant pinks among other rainbow like hues. These delicate accents added to the storybook quality of what I was experiencing.

Time seemed to vanish as I stood under a huge shady tree painting. Passer’s by stopped for a bit to watch. (There was a garden tour going on in this community and a small gathering of plein-air painters on site in the various gardens.) I enjoyed hearing all the knowledge around the plantings and the sounds of laughter as neighbors collected outdoors on porches enjoying the spirit of sharing their love for nature with others in and out of the community in this way.

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  1. spiritualfantasia

    Woah, I suppose art is a bit of a mysterious journey! That’s the fun part of creativity, turning an abstract concept into a full-fleshed piece. Or, to be inspired by the external world and seeing where that inspiration leads you! Art is full of wonder in that way. “Embarking on pathways that are new can be exhilarating and filled with unexpected delight,” cool! Sometimes I am very nervous about this too, like what’s going to happen?!?!?!

  2. Cathy, this painting is different for you. NICE!!! All of us are experiencing new and even though at times it may bring with them anxiety, what we discover can be so exciting. See how you are expanding your horizons? I have something in mind to at least attempt not knowing if I can but darn it I am going to try. Have a great weekend!! xo

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