“Small Town Romance”

“Small Town Romance” 14″x 11″ Oil on canvas – $500

There’s something endearing to me about small towns, and there are a lot of them around where I live. They are tucked away among the fields and farmland of New Jersey. In passing through I often feel transported to another time as I gaze upon the historic architecture and
wonder what it was like before paved roads and even automobiles started to show up. A little romance begins in my minds eye!

This charming vista is a snapshot of part of the main street in Allentown, NJ. Originally known as Allen Town. There’s a beautiful old mill by the lake which was built by Nathan Allen back in the 18th century. It’s a little further down the walkway from where we are in the painting. The town slowly grew around the mill. You can get a sense of that when you visit.

Inspiration for this painting centered around it’s charm and character and yes the architecture of the buildings. It was painted from a photograph I took a month or so ago while I was exploring places to set up for a plein-air painting. That journey ended up taking me to a quiet park behind this village and was previously posted with the title “Hide and Seek”.


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