A Commission

“A Commission” 18″ x 14″ Oil on canvas – SOLD

Over the past couple of months I’ve been slowly working on this commission. The request
was for a painting of the clients house with her in it. We met and chatted about her vision
for the painting and that changed a bit in the process.

I created a few drawings and then brought them up to the scale of the painting. In the first drawing (on the left) there is a close up view with my client and a more cropped version of the house. After sharing this with her it became more clear that her desire was to have more of the house as part of the painting. You can see in the second rendering I made some additional adjustments after the initial re-draw. Adding in the left side of the house and more of the landscape rounded out the composition and softened it a bit. I decided to scan the second drawing into Photoshop and make the changes there. It was just a lot easier than re-drawing and all I really needed was the gesture of what that would look like.

The last phase was to transfer the drawing to my canvas and begin painting. That’s the fun part! The painting isn’t an architectural rendering but instead contains a lot of nuances and idiosyncrasies. This is how I paint and it was also something that the client welcomed. The house itself was very complex. I was working from a photo which had it’s own measure of distortions on top of the architectural components. There was a lot to navigate and at the same time a lot to “let go” of in that process.

Painting this piece was so rewarding and my client is really excited about the outcome.

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  1. Cathy, wow, this is exquisite. I admire the masterful and magical painting you have created! What an adventure, and as you mentioned “rewarding.” Well done Cathy, and what a beautiful and joyful treasure for your client!

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