“The Hilly Landscape”

“The Hilly Landscape” 12″x 12″ Commission oil painting

Once again the beauty of collaborative creating is what I experienced in this commissioned oil painting of a hilly landscape.

I was contacted by this client in September with a request for a landscape painting. This was something they were giving to themselves as a graduation gift come November. It was such a lovely idea I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see what could be created. As our conversation continued, I was sent a small collection of photos they had taken from the area in Virginia where they had been attending school. Each photo had significance and could have translated into a memorable painting. In narrowing down the selections this image stood out to both of us.

As you can see, the vista was full of rich, alluring green and blue hues and an engaging sense of distance. You will also notice the wire fence resting in the foreground. It was an interesting part of the vista and something that I included in the sketches.

The sketch was agreed upon and the painting began taking me on an enjoyable journey. I could really feel the rolling hills as the strokes of paint went down. Toward the end of the paintings creation I started wondering about the fence. It had been put in and was nearing the finish when it dawned on me that the landscape might feel more open and inviting if the fence were removed. With that idea in mind, I contacted my client with the suggestion. It was important to discern if the fence had any special significance. Next, I created a mock-up in Photoshop of the painting with the fence removed and a visual of how the foreground might be transformed. It was really helpful to be able to provide that imagery to my client before actually re-working the physical painting.

It all turned out really well. I simply love this landscape and I know the picture of the painting doesn’t do it justice. The rolling hills and dynamic shapes that carry you across the terrain really highlight natures artistry as well as my clients gift in capturing this vista so well. It was a pleasure to be part of this process.

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