“Seasons of Color” – A Commission

Commissioned Paintings 4 – 12″ x 12″ Oils on canvas

This collection of four paintings are the result of a commission I recently finished. The group has been in progress over the past couple of months and a welcome project during the pandemic. It’s connected me to the beauty of time, family and change.

The project was centered around a family farmstead and a return to place and space for the client. Her desire was to have the farm depicted in each of the four seasons and to hang them as group within the main farmhouse. A consistent view was used and taken from an old family photo. This formed the foundation for each piece and it’s history in time. In fact, the red barn in now gone. The seasonal changes were cultivated from additional research, photos and imaginative inspiration that would communicate spring, summer, winter and fall respectively.

In the course of the collaboration I was provided with many images of the landscapes trees and vegetation as well as some of the farm equipment. Every photo became an important piece of the story. These sources of information informed and created the pathway for the paintings to emerge while connecting me to the experience as well. My personal favorite outside of the original photo of the farm was the picture of the orange tractor. In asking some questions about it I learned that it was a vintage Kubota tractor. Not that I know anything about tractors but I Googled that to learn more. The flatbed and wheelbarrow were other significant items integral to the life of this farm making their way into the paintings life and personality.

The vegetation was also informed through the clients photos although there’s a bit more artistic interpretation. Creating more differentiation between Summer and Spring took some time. The client offered valuable insights that helped facilitate more of that unfolding. The sunflowers and coneflowers as well as the yellow Azaela’s are all part of the farmsteads landscape. However they have been expanded upon to assist with creating a sense of season.

These were a pleasure to create. I hope you enjoy the experience here today with them as much as I did painting them.

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    • Thank you Olivia! I appreciate the compliment. The location of this farm is actually Maryland but I think it’s interesting that you pick up on a connection to New Jersey. Maybe that’s part of what came through me in this process.

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