“Nature’s Way”

“Nature’s Way” 9″ x 12″ Oil on paper – $375

Nature has a way. Sometimes I want to ignore that and believe that “I know better” how things are supposed to look, be and feel. I’m not sure that mindset is filled with too much humility and interestingly enough when I try to push my agenda it usually makes for some chaos.

The thing is, behind all that is a deep sense of fear, of not having my needs met and a variety of other things. What I keep learning is that if I aim to “go with the flow” my needs usually get met and often in a way better than I would have thought.

This plein-air oil painting is somewhat of a metaphor around this concept. It’s another painting inspired from my backyard. I was feeling very unsure about the vista, composition and how it might translate to the paper. And sometimes at the end I’m still not sure but that’s something I keep letting go of as part of the creative process.

What has always drawn me to the potential of painting this view is the red leaf tree. I’m not sure what kind of tree it is but the color of the leaves remind me of a Japanese Maple and I love those! The garden plantings around the tree as well as the fence all took on unique forms that in their abstraction offer up something a little bit different to the landscape of the painting.

Letting nature have it’s way in the process of painting this and every painting helps me stay open to change, new ideas and whatever is supposed to come through on to the canvas or paper (in this case) in that given moment. It’s a very fluid practice and one that certainly can feel risky but I do it anyway.

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  1. Well done! Sometimes I wonder if your art is influencing how I see colour… the other morning I was looking at well known to me – off white building. My first thought was “when did that paint that part purple gray?” Then, I realized it was a shadow 😁. I know colour theory about cool or warm shadows, but this was a first to actually be caught unaware and seeing it! All of your work is this wonderful colour combinations, and I love it! Thank you for such lovely work and accompanying insights!

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